The Garden City Bicycling Club ("GCBC") is a loosely knit group of people with one thing in common: We all enjoy riding bicycles! Some of us are competitive cyclists, while others of us simply enjoy a ride through Garden City's Lee Richardson Zoo from time to time. GCBC exists primarily to provide local cyclists with the opportunity to meet and ride with other cyclists with similar interests. Whatever those interests may be!

Our membership requirements are fairly (maybe "extremely" would be a better word) lax, and that is by design. We don't want the club membership process to intimidate potential members or to detract from the pleasure of being on a bicycle.

Please look around our website. We hope you'll find something here that will interest you. We welcome your comments and suggestions. To contact us you can e-mail our Web Administrator or link to our Contact Us page.

Thank you for visiting! Ride often, and ride safely!

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(Rev. April 20, 2006)