GCBC Club Rides:

Garden City Bicycling Club currently has three officially recognized club rides. The starting times listed for each ride are STARTING times, so if you want to ride with the club, be sure to be here, ready to ride, with equipment in good condition before then. If you show up for a club ride a bit late, you'll have to ride to catch up.

Club rides are a good place to connect with other riders of similar fitness levels and interests. Many of our members ride nearly every day, and quite often their riding/training partners are also GCBC members. It's not unusual for people to schedule their next private ride sometime during or after one of the club rides.

The Wednesday Evening Ride is seasonal, during the Daylight Savings Time period only (roughly from April to October). It starts at 6:30 pm from the front of The Bike Rack, Inc., 207 N. Main St., Garden City, KS. The ride is typically about 15 to 20 miles in length. The intensity of the ride depends on several factors. We usually have at least three different groups which will ride at paces anywhere from fairly easy (about 15 mph average) to quite fast (our club currently has several current and past state champion cyclists among its members). Riders are free to choose among any of the groups, but be aware that, among the faster groups in particluar, the group you choose will not necessarily slow down if you are unable to maintain its pace.

The Thursday evening ride is sometimes called "The Kadee's Ride." That's because we start and finish the ride at one of Garden City's best coffee/sandwich shops called Kadee's Coffee Break. They're located at 210 E. Spruce (just east of Stevens Park; just west of St. Catherine's Hospital). We start this ride at 6:30 pm, and it is usually a very social ride, which often includes several circuits in and around Garden City's Lee Richardson Zoo. From time to time a small group will split apart for a 10- or 15-mile leisurely ride. Either way, many of the riders choose to finish the ride at Kadee's, where you can enjoy limeades and a light dinner. At times, there's even live musical entertainment to be found at Kadee's.

The Old Man Ride ("OMR") started as a group of four or five 40-something gentlemen who rode regularly on Saturday mornings. They considered themselves "old" at the time, and hence came the name of the ride. The first recorded OMR was Saturday, October 21, 2000. Since then, it has expanded to include men and women of any age, and has become a recognized GCBC event, but its original moniker has remained.

Old Man Ride starts at 8:00 am from the front of The Bike Rack, Inc., 207 N. Main St., in Garden City. It's a ride that is very similar to the Thursday evening Kadee's Ride (see above) in length and intensity. We finish every OMR at Kadee's Coffee Break (unless they are closed for a holiday), and have breakfast and interesting conversation.... Sometimes VERY interesting conversation! The Saturday morning crowd is pretty eclectic, so topics of conversation run a very wide gamut. This is a pretty good example of what cycling with friends should be like!

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